For over 50 years, Kerkman Bros. Construction has been installing septic systems for new and old homes in Racine, Kenosha, and Walworth County. Our team is always on hand to discuss with you about what type of system would be best for your lot. We also provide soil testing if necessary.


Conventional Septic Tank-Absorption Field System Conventional septic systems, while common, are not suitable for all areas. Where suitable, however, conventional septic-absorption fields will remain common for many years to come because of their relatively low initial cost and low operating cost. They have proven very satisfactory when properly located, designed, installed, and maintained. The conventional septic tank-absorption field home sewage treatment system is composed of two major element: the septic tank and the soil absorption field. The septic tank (a settling and decomposition chamber) allows the sewage solids to separate from the liquid, undergo partial decomposition, and be stored as sludge at the bottom of the tank. The effluent from the septic tank then flows by gravity into the subsurface absorption field where it infiltrates into the soil. Call us today to speak with find out if a conventional septic system is right for your new home.


Mound septic systems were developed to overcome three natural conditions: (1) slow or fast permeable soils, (2) shallow soil cover over creviced or porous bedrock, or (3) a high watertable. A site that has any one of these three conditions (or a combination of them) is not suited for a conventional septic system.

Because acceptable soil conditions are not always found below the surface, the mound allows the conditions to be created above the surface.


Different locations need different types of septic systems. Kerkman Bros. Construction Company has been soil testing and installing septic systems for over 50 years in Racine, Kenosha and Walworth County. Contact us today to see what type of system is right for your home.

Aerobic septic systems are used in situations where standard septic systems are not a viable option. In many cases, they are used to replace failing septic systems. Aerobic systems are similar to septic systems in that they both use natural processes to treat wastewater. But unlike septic (anaerobic) treatment, the aerobic treatment process requires oxygen. There are two types of bacteria, anaerobic and aerobic. Aerobic bacteria work much faster than anaerobic bacteria, which means they process septic tank waste more quickly. Aerobic treatment units use a mechanism to inject and circulate air inside the treatment tank, which accelerates or speeds up the treatment process. This mechanism requires electricity to operate. For this reason, aerobic systems cost more to operate and need more routine maintenance than most septic systems. However, when properly operated and maintained, aerobic systems can provide a high quality wastewater treatment alternative to septic systems. They can also be used in some cases by owners of wooded lots, who don't want to clear enough land to install a traditional septic tank and drainfield.

Holding Tanks

A septic holding tank is a watertight tank used to catch and contain wastewater from a home or business. They are normally used in places where town sewer is not available and which are also poorly suited for septic systems. All wastewater generated by the home or business must be contained in the septic holding tank, until it can be removed for treatment and disposal.

Kerkman Bros. Construction Company installs septic holding tanks for homes.

Infiltrator Chamber

Infiltrator chambers are hollow structures that attach end-to-end. They are installed in trenches or beds without gravel (except where local codes require the use of gravel). The entire bottom of the trench is open for unobstructed infiltration of water. The large storage volume within the hollow chambers accommodates peak flows of effluent from the home. Infiltrator chambers also feature patented sidewall louvers that allow lateral leaching of effluent into the soil.

Kerkman Bros. Construction Company now offers the infiltrator Septic Systems!